And you thought that I'm just a student? Wrong! Among other things, I strive to write software and design standards compliant web sites that are simple, accessible and attractive.

Apache Forrest

June 23, 2005

Apache Forrest is a publishing framework that transforms input from various sources into a unified presentation in one or more output formats. The modular and extensible plugin architecture is based on Apache Cocoon and relevant standards, which separates presentation from content. Forrest can generate static documents, or be used as a dynamic server, or be deployed by its automated facility.


December 20, 2004

SilkPage is an XML based Web publishing framework that has evolved from the Docbook Website. With strong foundations in XML, it is a publishing framework with a focus on web standards and usability. SilkPage provides a framework for publishing structured and standard compliant websites in XML. It is particularly suited to publish personal websites, though it is by no means limited to them.


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Baetle stands for Bug And Enhancement Tracking LanguagE. It is an ontology that describes the information kept in BugDatabases such as Bugzilla, Jira and others do.


October 20, 2006

DocBooKit (pronounced DocBook Kit) is a front-end toolkit for DocBook. It facilitates the validation and transformation of DocBook input XML into various output formats such as HTML, PDF and RTF. It comes with DocBooKit Resources that is a bundle including the required transformation products to transform DocBook input XML into various output formats. The key advantag of DocBooKit is its ease of installation and usage.

Universal Resource File Manifest (URFM)

July 12, 2005

Open source is based upon the idea of sharing and distributing resources and files. Problems can occur in resource distribution when resource files are not well described. Universal Resource File Manifest (URFM) provides a universal and yet easy approach to describe resource files. It specifies a resource file that may contain packages, documents or other entities.