Site Colophon

This site is an evolving experiment in creating a visually appealing site that is also W3C compliant. It is SilkPaged to follow open standards and to meet accessibility requirements while being as light as possible to download at any connection speed.

Design and Presentation

The CSS applied on the light markup customizes the SilkPage's Phenix theme.

Thanks to Roger Ferrer Ibáñez for the lambda header background.


This site follows accessibility guidelines closely:

  • Navigation is intuitive, the top navigation menu is simple. When necessary, a local navigation menu is provided.

  • Content is presented using CSS Style Sheets.

  • Markup is structural and meaningful.

Web Hosting

This website is hosted on DixiteFox, a dedicated server provided by Dixite, the company I would like thank for their unlimited support of my ideas.

Dixite, the Open Source company

Conformant Code

At the backend, SilkPage custom XML is used to maintain the site content. XSLT Style Sheets are used to produce customized markup that is validated XHTML content.

Crafting Tools

List of software and hardware (along with my rating) that I use to publish and maintain this site.

Table 1. Publishing Report Card

Publishing Report Card
Tool Grade Comment
GNU/Linux A+ A great set of software tools and utilities
Emacs A+ One of the world's most perfect editors
Vim A Plenty fast and great editor
Gentoo Linux A An optimized and flexible operating system
Dell/Latitude B Nice, but noisy and slow without tons of RAM
SilkPage B Powerful but some rough edges, to be improved in the next version